Learn to code this summer with BizStream Academy

BizStream Academy is an introduction to code in West Michigan. Learn useful web development skills from passionate mentors in a friendly, helpful environment. Get a mentor who will work with you to improve your code. Leave with new skills, a website you built yourself, and some super awesome swag. 


Harness the power of HTML to create the structure for all web pages.


Make your website look amazing with CSS. Learn Responsive techniques to so your website can be appreciated on all devices.


Learn how to use JavaScript to make your pages delightfully interactive.

Meet The Staff

Mark Schmidt

Mark, BizStream Co-Founder, created BizStream Academy in 2012 because he believes gaining practical experience is the most valuable trait someone going into the workforce can obtain. Now he works with returning students mentoring their SQL and Kentico skills.

Michelle Lentz

Michelle takes on BizStream Academy’s marketing efforts and administration responsibilities. Michelle has an eye for design and aesthetics and enjoys applying these principles to business. Merging her love of all things artisan with her business experience, Michelle joined BizStream in 2013 to take on our marketing efforts.

Chris Hamm

Chris is a BizStream Academy success story. While he was looking for a way to switch careers into coding he stumbled upon BizStream Academy. He's super excited to come back to BizStream Academy as a mentor!

What Our Students Are Saying

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"BizStream Academy was really fun and I learned a LOT from it. It's a really chill environment and the instructors are always there to help you and answer any questions that you might have. Whenever the class would be done, I always wanted to do more coding and I couldn't wait for the next class to start."

Summer 2016

"This has been a great introduction to the different components of building a website. It showed me how the different technologies plug together to create a functioning site."

Summer 2017

"BizStream Academy was really great. I really enjoyed the laid back environment of it all and didn't feel stressed about getting things done by a certain day. Also, the mentors were there the whole time to help us when our site looks broken because we deleted a closing bracket in our CSS. Overall I had a great time at BizStream Academy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn to code."

Summer 2018


BizStream Academy 2024 will take place on Saturday, August 17th, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm EDT.

Independent Study

So you made it through the BizStream Academy course, but you still want to learn more about web development? Now what? BizStream Academy offers a guided but self-driven Independent Study course tailored specifically to what you want to learn. Based on your interests we will pair you up with one of our mentors.  You'll have the opportunity to work one on one on a project of your choosing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe every student should have the opportunity to learn to code which is why we try to keep BizStream Academy as barrier-free as possible. Donations help us continuously improve BizStream Academy by streamlining the courses and providing students with efficient software and other technologies.

If you would like to support the mission of BizStream Academy please visit our Support Page for more information.

What is the mission of BizStream Academy?

We are a nonprofit focused on inspiring youth and beyond in lifelong learning, advancing technological knowledge, and strengthening our communities through a culture of collaboration.

How much does it cost to sign-up for BizStream Academy

Part of BizStream's mission is to give back to the community. By investing in you, we're helping to create a future community that's loaded with smart, highly-skilled geeks. This year we are asking for a $20 Registration Fee to ensure each student’s dedication to the program. If you find the registration fee to be a barrier please contact us to apply for a scholarship.

What do I need to attend BizStream Academy?

All you need is transportation and your own laptop. (If you do not have your own laptop and would like to attend, please let us know.)

What is BizStream Academy?

BizStream Academy is a place for those interested in technology. Here, you learn about programming in an interactive and hands-on environment. BizStream believes in giving back to the community and created this free program to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for technology with the next generation of programmers, web developers, and designers.

Who is BizStream?

The BizStream team is passionate about the web and technologies surrounding the web. It's our duty to make the web a better place by using our talents to help businesses of all kinds. Visit www.BizStream.com to learn more.

Who is the ideal student for BizStream Academy?

BizStream Academy candidates should be self-motivated and driven with a passion for technology. Success in this kind of environment requires focus, discipline, and enthusiasm. You don't have to know any programming (that's what you're coming to learn!) but you should have a basic understanding of computers: how folders work, how to copy and paste, and how to surf the web are important skills for starting out.
Didn't answer your question? Feel free to contact us for more information.